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American Citizen Online Faculty ,Subject:English and Literature ,Social Study ,Science

Teach in Thailand

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  • American Citizen Online Faculty ,Subject:English and Literature ,Social Study ,Science

    By: Jessica < Show E-mail >

    Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020

    Location: Online (Online)


    Website: https://www.v-yang.com/html-en/login.html

    E-mail: vyangjob@gmail.com

    American Citizen, 5+Years Teaching Experience Online Part-Time Faculty—English and Literature ,Social Study, Science, Debating and other subject teachers
    Institution—V-Yang Online Education
    Category—Faculty-Liberal Arts-English and Literature,Social Study,Science ,Debating
    Salary—18to 35USD Per Hour
    HOW TO APPLY: Send your resume and Personal Picture or self-introduction video

     to this e-mail address:, vyangjob@gmail.com

    --Teach synchronous 1 hour sessions. Teach existing content or create your own.
    --Complete a brief (3 minute) feedback after each session.
    --Give feedback on short, 200 word essays each week.
    Minimum Qualifications:
    --5+ years teaching experience
    --Primary and secondary teaching experience with certification
    --College teaching experience with facility/desire to teach primary and secondary students.
    --Must be able to teach at least 6 hours/week
    —the importance of a reliable teacher who commits to a specific time period.

    Work Hours:
    Students are available during two blocks: 1) Monday-Sunday, 5-9 am EST, 2) Friday-Saturday, 7-12 pm EST. Faculty choose the hours most convenient for them during those blocks.
    Paid Monthly into Paypal .No fees are incurred by faculty.


    (2) Professional References

    To apply, please send the following to vyangjob@gmail.com


    • Resume/CV

    • Photo

    • self-introduction video

    About Our School:

     V-Yang Online Education, a private educational institution located outside Hong Kong, is seeking  teachers with primary, secondary 

    and/oruniversity experience to tutor small groups of 2-4 advanced Chinese students in live one-hour sessions. Although ESL experience is desirable, the instruction is not ESL but course work based on the teacher’s discipline.  
    V-Yang Online Education serves Chinese students who wish to obtain degrees in higher education at American universities. Through years of

    systematic instruction in social studies, literature and writing from American experts, students are

     more apt to succeed at standardized tests

    through a deep understanding of American culture, critical thinking and reading and writing.
    Many students who attend V-Yang sessions are highly motivated and are enrolled at some of the most premiere primary and secondary institutions in China.  Teachers do

    not communicate with parents and can focus their time and energy on the students.

    V-Yang administration supports the teachers by troubleshooting any issues related to students, parents or technology.  Students come from

    a background  that respects education and teachers!



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