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    By: Eduplus International Academy Thailand < Show E-mail >

    Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2018

    Location: Southeast Asia (Thailand)

    Interested candidates please specify the positions that you are interested and send resume with photo via applyjob@eduplus.co.th or add line id @eduplus 

    ***FULL TIME JOB***
    1. Prawet, Bangkok (Private School) 
    1 of Native/South African English teacher with degree
    Nursery to Kindergarten/Not more than 20 hrs. per week
    12 months/No accommodation
    @THB 35,000/Start as soon as possible 

    2. - Near Salaya, Nakornprathom (Private School)
    1 of Female Native English speakers w/ degree 
    Homeroom teacher/Elementary
    23 periods max. (@50 Mins.)
    12 months/Free accommodation
    @THB 32,000/Start as soon as possible 

    3.Mueng, Khornkaen (College)
    1 of European teacher with degree/English Communication
    Grade 12, Junior and Senior/22 hrs. max. (Including with activities)
    10 months/No accommodation
    @THB 32,000/Start as soon as possible

    4. Free accommodation/Rangsit, Prathumthanee (Private school)
    1 Position of Male or Female Native/South African or European English Teacher with Degree
    English Language/Phonics/ KG1
    24 Periods max. (@50 Min.)12 Months/Start as soon as possible
    @THB 25,000 - 30,000 upon experience and performance at the school

    5. Muang, Nonthaburi, near Skytrain and Nonthaburi Pier (Government School)
    2 Positions of Male or Female Native/South African or European English Teacher with Degree
    1st teacher – Science and Math and 2nd teacher – English and Social ( both positions for grade 6 
    Around 16 Periods (50 Min./Period), 24 Periods Max. per week/Pay for extra Class on Holiday)
    10 Months at least/ Native – THB 35,000, European – THB 32,000/No accommodation/Start as soon as possible

    6. Prae, North of Thailand (Government School)
    1 of position of Male or Female Filipino Teacher with Education Degree, major Science is preferable
    Science, Math, English/Grade 1 – 6 (Thai Co-operate Teacher involved)
    20 -24 Periods (@50 Min.)/10 Months at least/@THB 20,000/No accommodation/Start as soon as possible

    7. Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok (Government School)
    1 position of Native Science teacher with Science degree, any majors,
    Basic lab in Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
    21-23 Perods (@45 Mins.)/week *** 1) M4-M6 : Home Room 3 Periods, Basic Lab 6 Periods, IELTS 6-8 Periods 2) Teach Thai Teacher 4 Peiods 3) Selective Subject for M.5, = 2 Periods****
    And Extra Class on Sat. 9.30-11.30 = M1-M3 ( For Saturday extra class pay 12,000 baht per month)
    12 months/No accommodation/Start in June,2019 (Application Closing in Dec., 2018)
    @THB 55,000 plus THB 12,000 per month of Extra class payment/Free breakfast, Lunch & coffee break 

    8. Express way, Ramintra Road, Bangkok (Language School)
    2 Positions of Native or English teacher with degree (Female)
    1-6 years old/not more than 35 periods (@50 Mins.)12 months
    @THB 35,000-43,000, No accommodation/Start in May, 2019 
    Holiday: 1. Monday & Tuesday 2. +13 days/year 3. +Weekend 6 Times per year

    ***PART TIME JOB***
    1.Tutorial language School, Sriracha, Chonburi, Start in Nov., 2018
    1 Native or European English teacher 
    3-13 Years old, Sat & Sun 10:00-16:00 5 hrs, 1 hour of break time, 
    5 classes, total 1-7 students per class , emphasis on activities
    THB 360 (including the transportation charge), THB 1,800 per day.

    2. Tutorial Language School, Thippawan 1 Village, Theparak, Samuthprakarn
    1 Native or European English Teacher in good accent.
    4 Hrs. (12.00 – 4.30 PM), Total THB 1,800
    3 Classes : 1st Class - 2 boys of grade 4 and 1 girl of grade 5 (12-1 PM.)
    2nd Class : 1 woman of business English teacher at 1.30-3.30 PM.
    3rd class : 1 small girl of grade 1 at 3.30 - 4.30 PM.
    3. Cooperate teaching in Khokkharm, Samuthsakhorn 
    1 native or South African or European Teacher/English conversation 
    to the foreign commander/1 Group= Engineer, Sales and Administrative/
    2 hrs.per day, at 5-7 PM. / native or South African : THB 600/hour, European : THB 500/hr.
    Plus THB 300 of transportation fee once a day/Start on Thurs.15th Nov., 2018 
    Remarks : There is post test which need to proceeded by teacher to check the ability 
    of the learner.

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