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TEFL / TESOL Course Thailand from ATI

Teach in Thailand

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  • TEFL / TESOL Course Thailand from ATI

    By: American TESOL Institute < Show E-mail >

    Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2012

    Location: Southeast Asia (Thailand)

    TEFL / TESOL Course Thailand from ATI

    The TESOL Course conducted by the globally acclaimed ATI brings before you the rare opportunity of doing a Best Course in Thailand. ATI is one of the largest English teaching institutes which offers internationally recognized and affiliated TEFL/TESOL Certificate Course. One of the Best TEFL Course offered for Teachers willing to Learn, Earn and Travel with an opportunity for Teaching English in Thailand.


    TEFL Course in Thailand Highlights:

    - 120 Hrs In Class TEFL / TESOL Course

    - Internationally recognized

    - Guaranteed Job Assistance

    - Natives & Non-Natives - Anyone can apply

    - Most competitive fees

    - Exotic Thai Locations


    Read More : http://www.teflcoursethailand.com


    Project Features of TEFL Thailand:

    The benefits and features of the TESOL Course Bangkok can be clubbed together and explained in the following points:

    · Both native and non-native English speakers are welcome to take up this course.

    · Age is not a bar for this course.

    · Anyone without a prior teaching experience or qualification is a potential candidate of this course too.

    · The Course seems beneficial especially for those without a Degree or Diploma.

    · If you are not willing to commit to a job immediately after getting certified then go for TEFL Course.

    · This course is suitable for those who are willing to upgrade their qualification.

    · The trainers are highly capable of turning an amateur into capable ESL teachers by infusing teaching skills in them in a systematic and organized way.

    · TESOL Course Thailand consists of teaching practice sessions in the local schools which entails the trainees to take classes and prove how well they absorbed and understood the lessons taught in class. This boosts their confidence level and help them teach freely without being tense or anxious, when they start their teaching stints.

    · ATI provided 100% job assistance to it's trainees once they complete the Course, extending all sorts of help and support to find a well paying teaching placement for them.

    · The Course helps the trainees to become teachers of not only children but the certificate helps them to a great extent to get teaching jobs which require them to teach adults, beginners and students of advance stage.

    · In addition to all the fore-going, the location of Bangkok, modern and Westernized and humming with nightlife and fervor, deserves special mention and one is surely to miss out on a golden opportunity like this.


    Course Locations:

    · Bangkok

    · Phuket

    · Chiang Mai

    · Koh Samui

    · Koh Phangan


    Who should attend:

    · The on-site TEFL Course of American TESOL Institute is accessible to candidates who are interested. The basic requirement for the course is fluency in English language and all native speakers of the language can enroll for the course easily. Other than residents of countries like New Zealand, Australia, UK, South Africa, Canada and United States of America all other speakers of English are non native speakers and they too can do the TEFL course. Since the course is widely acclaimed and accredited it assures one of securing ESL jobs worldwide.

    · Non Native speakers who can communicate in English with ease and has near native proficiency can attend the certificate course. They can secure excellent teaching opportunities both in their own country and abroad.

    · A person who wishes for a mid-life career shift may opt for the TEFL course and enter the lucrative and adventurous ESL market.

    · An early retiree or one who has taken voluntary retirement rather early in the day and wants to pursue something exciting and different may also do the TESOL certificate course and start travelling to distant countries profitably employed as a greatly respected ESL teacher.

    · Even teachers who are already in the profession will also benefit from doing the course. It will help them to hone their teaching skills further and concurrently help them seek teaching positions abroad, if they so wish.

    · Full time teachers will also find this TEFL certificate course that enables one to become more skilled in the art and technique of facilitating the learning of English language to be extremely beneficial. It will train them in a manner that will greatly upgrade their teaching style and benefit both the teachers and their students. If the teachers wish to teach in a different environment, a different set of students they must enroll for the course.

    · Even persons, who have never been in the teaching profession but wish to switch careers and be teachers, may do this course and emerge as certified ESL teachers with a chance to hold teaching positions abroad.


    Why TEFL Course Thailand from American TESOL Institute:

    The following reasons why you should ATI are:

    · ATI is internationally recognized and accredited Teacher's Training Organization providing Teachers' Training courses to students to make them eligible to teach English world-wide, since 2002.

    · ATI's TESOL trainers are highly qualified and make sure the course curriculum meets international standards every individual's learning needs and objectives in order to enable the TEFL/TESOL trainees get placements all over the world.

    · ATI does not discriminate and provides courses to all irrespective of nationality, whether a person possesses a Degree/ Diploma /professional experience or not. ATI provides a wide range of both on-site and on-line courses which are specially formulated to teach age groups varying from young learners to adults.

    · ATI is an accredited organization and affiliated to AAIEP, iLEARN, SAFEA, USETTA, USDLA, Interpark Communications' & Talkbean.

    · ATI provides 100% job assistance to its TEFL trainees and dedicated whole-heartedly to help them find good placements after the successful completion of the course.

    · Finally the most captivating point is the locations where ATI conducts the courses in. ATI has chosen some of the best locations in the world for running the TESOL Courses which easily attract people to come and take the course having the opportunity of spending a splendid in some of the best holiday spots in the world.


    APPLY : http://www.teflcoursethailand.com/apply_tesol.php



    The American TESOL Institute is accredited by and affiliated to organizations like AAIEP, iEARN, SAFEA, USETTA, USDLA, Interpark Communications' & Talkbean. The Certificate is globally accepted and the international recognition adds great value while applying for jobs.


    If you are interested in taking up TEFL / TESOL Course in India OR China, log on to the following links:

    India : http://www.teflcoursethailand.com/tefl-india.php

    China : http://www.teflcoursethailand.com/tefl-china.php


    Contact Us:

    American TESOL Institute - For TEFL Thailand

    Email – aticourses@americantesolinstitute.com or atiteflcourses@gmail.com

    Skype - justtefl

    Toll Free (USA) – 1-866-999-8308

    Phone (Thailand) – +66-21055721

    MSN Chat – justtefl@hotmail.com

    Yahoo Chat - justtefl@yahoo.com

    Live help – http://www.teflcoursethailand.com

    Location - Bangkok

    Program Coordinator : Philip - admin@teflcoursethailand.com

    Phone No. - +66 21055721 (24X7)



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