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The relationship between neuroscience and education is becoming ever closer, with the latest findings from the science starting to influence how teachers and other educators approach their profession. It is sometimes called "neuroeducation" for short. With neuroscience uncovering more about how the brain works and our preoccupation with how to teach and learn more effectively, it was almost inevitable that the two fields would meet. But not everyone's happy. In fact in

Abstract: The article delves into the true meaning of Communicative Language Teaching and assesses the value of the methodology to the English language Teaching community. Drawing upon the works of Wilkins and Brown, the investigation centres around how CLT differs from one individual to the next and its effectiveness in the language classroom. The second part of the investigation centres on Saudi students and the effectiveness of CLT as a methodology for educating English Learners in a university setting. Again the research carried out is largely secondary, though the author does draw upon

The more I learn about learning disabilities, the more I see that the "best practices" for educating students with learning disabilities are actually considered "best practices" for all learners. For example, math and reading interventions focus heavily on "hands-on" and "experiential" learning activities.

This article will assess the influences of Dewey, Lewin, Piaget, and Kolb to the current trends in education. Each theorist will be reviewed separately. The review will include information related to each theorist's seminal work followed by examples of how they influenced educational approaches today.

Like it or not, the world children have entered into within the last fifteen years is vastly different than the one into which we adults arrived. Today's kids possess a distinctive way of acquiring knowledge.

In the last few years the number of left handed persons has increased dramatically. This is partly because left handed children are not forced to use the right hand for writing any more but are rather encouraged to use whichever hand the child shows a preference to. Previously a left handed child was always corrected and encouraged to use the right hand.

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