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There are lots of different learning style models that indicate some learners need touch or physical movement in order to learn. Although I had believed and taught the models, I had never actually observed how touching and manipulating objects can literally transform a learner.

Secretary Arne Duncan of the U.S. Department of Education is concerned about improving the effectiveness of teachers and addressing the issue of low performing schools. However, the current focus on student test scores to assess teacher performance seems misguided. Student test scores are only a symptom of teacher effectiveness.

Learning, of course, starts with the billions of brain cells that we are all born with. The brain cells themselves, however, are not the things that prompt learning. Instead, it is the synapses that connect our brain cells together that jump start the learning process.

Imagine a classroom tailored in accordance with the likes and dislikes of your child. In your son’s class competition, physical activity and choice activities dominate the learning environment—even for math and language arts!! In your daughter’s class, she and her friends sit in groups; they collaborate and have the opportunity to be creative and inquisitive without the distraction of rambunctious little boys. These are the characteristics of the single

It's important to actively involve students in the learning process. This is generally done at the elementary level, but, in some cases, gets lost, especially in high schools. Involving students makes the subject more interesting to them.

Throughout life you and I learn through many avenues. While in school and at work assignments and tasks are made which rely on your capability to learn. Since positive change happens, the learning is continuous.

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