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Prime TEFL Teaching Destination of TEFL Teachers in Developing Nations


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Prime TEFL Teaching Destination of TEFL Teachers in Developing Nations

Prime TEFL Teaching Destination of TEFL Teachers in Developing Nations
Admin - Jul 24 2016

As globalization spreads throughout the world, it is becoming ever more important to be able to communicate in English. Studies have concluded that there is a 25% increase in the earning potential for individuals knowing English in the developing world. Moreover, approximately 50% of the work force in these nations are required to know the basic fundamentals of English. With a global economy taking center stage in today’s connected world, there is a rush in many regions of the planet to learn the global language, English. As such, you’ll be presented with countless opportunities to travel abroad and teach. Some foresight will go a long way towards acclimatizing and succeeding in your new environment. With a little bit of research, you could discover the ideal location for you and further your career in the process.


East Asia (China, Taiwan)

China is a member of the four country quartet of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China); nations with emerging economies. This bloc of nations is used as a symbolic representation of a shift of economic power towards developing nations amid greater global trade. As such, the urgency to learn English is being felt by all sectors of the nation and among all cohorts of the population; from the young to the elderly, from students to businesses, knowing English has shifted away from being a luxury to a necessity. As a consequence, there is ample opportunity to find TEFL work in China that include decent wages, housing accommodations, and even travel reimbursement. With an estimated 300 million eager Chinese citizens looking to learn English, the market is bright for teaching abroad. On top of that, China is a country rich in history and culture; living among one of the world’s oldest civilization, there will be plenty to learn and many wonders to explore.


With cities like Taipei, Taiwan offers many sights and wonders for prospective instructors to enjoy at their leisure. With beaches, museums, skyscrapers, and a variety of restaurants, this nation offers many comforts of home while teaching abroad. With a scenic mountainous view in conjunction with a plethora of activities such as hiking, cycling, and parachuting, there won’t be a dull moment to be had in your spare time. Best of all, with TEFL certification, Taiwan offers competitive wages that is sure to catch any aspiring teacher’s eye. However, certification isn’t necessary, albeit this may change as the market gets more competitive.


Gulf Arab States (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E.)

From an economic perspective, Asia is the fastest growing region in the world. With an influx of wealth seen through the oil export, these nations are now investing into their educational systems. The English language is at the forefront of this societal reformation. The wages offered by these nations are very appealing and include may additional benefits including, housing accommodations, health insurance and travel reimbursement. As a result, the job market is extremely competitive and often an MA or several years of professional experience is required to secure a job. Of great importance is that Saudi Arabia does not require a teaching certification, unlike the other countries in the Middle East. However, keep in mind that many of these large cities are surrounded by desert and some initial cultural shock is to be expected.


Latin America (Brazil, Colombia)

In Latin America, the largest economy and greatest opportunity for TEFL educators is found in the nation of Brazil. With the world’s fifth largest population, and a booming economy to match, Brazil is becoming more favorable for TEFL practitioners. Hosting major international sports events such as FIFA 2014 and 2016 Summer Olympics has only further accelerated the drive to learn English. With millions of spectators from all over the globe convening in Brazil, English knowledge has quickly become a prerequisite for daily commerce and business growth. Foreign English teachers are flocking to large urban centers like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to teach at private institutions for university students and business personnel. However, if you so desire, you could tutor private students to allow for flexibility and additional income.


As recently as a couple of decades ago, TEFL education in Colombia was unfathomable. Amidst a rash of violence and political upheaval, the region saw rise to instability and chaos. However, with recent economic and political stabilization, it is a prime location for English educators seeking a unique opportunity. As the centers of Colombia’s economic boom, major urban centers like Medillin and Bogota are prime targets for the English teaching job market. It is possible to get advance interviews through private institutions or the Department of Education for those looking to pursue this avenue of teaching.


General Tips

Every country has its own unique set of standards and requirements when it comes to teaching English, however certain constants always remain true. TEFL certification, professional experience, and a relevant university degree would garner greater wages. It is recommended that you volunteer, become a private tutor, or teach full-time in your native country to build experience prior to embarking overseas. Once reaching your destination, as contracts are typically 6 months to 2 years, take the opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of your new home. Experience new adventures and make new contacts, you never know when they may come in handy.



The global trade market has brought the world together like never before, as such, English has taken a prominent role in daily interactions. Many emerging nations are experiencing unprecedented economic booms. As a result, there is a concerted effort in developing nations to learn English. A trend that began with university students and business elite has spread to other cohorts of the population. Today, everyone from school children to the elderly feel inclined to hit the books and keep up with the global effort to study English. China and Taiwan in East Asia, Gulf Arab States in West Asia, and Latin America are prime destinations for TEFL educators. Best of all, acquiring TEFL certification and some professional teaching experience prior to embarking on a journey abroad will surely have a desirable outcome on your wages. These regions of the world are chock-full of wonder and cultural wonders to explore; it will scarcely feel like work at all.

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