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How Do I Write a Winning CV?


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How Do I Write a Winning CV?

How Do I Write a Winning CV?
Admin - Aug 25 2015

Ahhh the CV, those two dreaded letters are known for bringing on symptoms such as cold sweats, a strong desire to run out of the house or even panic cleaning…
Why dread it? Writing a CV is your chance to show off to your future employer about how amazing you are and gets you that one step closer to landing your TEFL dream job. So if you’re TEFL qualified you’re over halfway there!
To help you along your way here are a few tips and tricks to ease your CV-writing pain!

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1) Keep It Relevant
Your CV should back-up everything you say in your application letter so don’t even think about sending out a stock CV to every employer. They’ll know! Make sure your CV is modified for the specific TEFL job advertisement you’re going for. Try and make your application and CV succinct and make sure it all  screams ‘I can do this job!’

2) Include Previous Jobs Which Demonstrate Any Transferable Skills
For example, this might include a position of responsibility, delegation, public speaking or anything to do with language and writing. A summer spent waitressing should not be overlooked – dealing with customers of different nationalities etc. are all worthy attributes to show off for a TEFL teacher in the making.

3) Don’t Save The Best Until Last
If you’re prone to saving all the meat on your plate until last because ‘it’s the best bit,’ do NOT do that on your CV. It’s a horrible fact but most employers will skim over your CV in a matter of seconds so if you left the fact that you’ve had 4 years teaching experience until the very end – you’ll have a very slim chance of expecting a reply. So if you don’t have a degree but you have loads of experience – put this first!

4) Avoid ‘Personal Goals’ or ‘Career Development’ Section
Although this might be a popular section to include in Western countries it is important to bear in mind that in some countries it can come across as strange or egotistical. It is better to stick to subjects such as ‘Key Skills’ and why exactly YOU can do this job perfectly.

5) Consistency
Times New Roman CV and an Ariel Cover Letter? Rejected!
Ok. That was a lie; you’re not going to get rejected for having a different font! However, it is nice to try and stay stylistically consistent when you’re submitting your application as this proves that you are both professional and have a keen eye for detail.

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