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How Can Teaching English With Limited Resources Make Me a Better Teacher?


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How Can Teaching English With Limited Resources Make Me a Better Teacher?

How Can Teaching English With Limited Resources Make Me a Better Teacher?
Admin - Apr 04 2015

Where are the smart boards? Where’s the library full of books? 

In schools all over the world, this is a far from uncommon scenario and TEFL teachers will be expected to deliver a brilliant lesson regardless of the equipment they’re given.

Teaching outdoorsHow do you go about doing this? Give them the one text book that is available and hope for the best? Curl up into a ball in the corner? Maybe not brilliant ideas…

This is your time to get creative! Here at i-to-i we’re come up with a few ways to show off your brilliant teaching skills with limited resources:

• Use your surroundings – Does that sound too obvious? Perhaps. All too often it is easy to forget that the most interesting lessons can be the simplest. Students, especially younger ones, will LOVE nothing more than to be taken outside during class-time to learn English in a new environment… unless your class is in the depths of Russia… in winter.

For older students, rather than just holding the lesson outside you could use role-play in real-life situations. For example, giving them a shopping list in English and accompany your students to a local shop for them to purchase the listed items.

• Use your wall space – pens and paper at the ready? Younger students, especially, will love creating ‘pieces of art’ to display on the walls and to show off to their parents and fellow classmates.

• Use realia – Most students are Kinesthetic learners (hands-on) as most find that it really brings the learning to life! Your lessons will perhaps, naturally, take on a more active way of learning and as a result, will be more fun!

• Bring things along – It’s doubtful that you’ve accepted your teaching position without any inkling about what you might expect to see when you get there, i.e. you might have spoken to current teachers before your departure. If you have done, it’s perhaps a wise idea for you to bring along a couple of teaching materials to prepare you for the first few lessons.

• Role-play – who needs fancy books? One of the best ways for students to learn to speak a language is to practice! Books might provide you with written grammar exercises and an easier format to demonstrate tricky verb formations but if it is conversational practice that you’re after then books are irrelevant anyway!

The result?

Teaching English with limited resources can be a blessing in disguise as it forces you to rely on your own teaching ability rather than on fancy PowerPoint presentations or smart board wizardry.

Feel ready to conquer any class you're faced with?

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